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Has BitDefender reduced my Admin privileges?


I have Windows 10 on Dell XPS 17.

I was trying the free BitDefender (BD). It seemed to mess up so much functionality that I restored a Macrium which PRE-DATED the installation date of BD. 

After the restore, I noticed 2 things:

 - BD was still present !! 

 - My laptop was in a stable and consistent state, except for the reduced privileges, as follows.

In Control Panel > User Accounts, I see:

 - <me>

 - Local Account

 - Administrator

However, I'm unable to do some of the things that I could do about a week ago.


 - I no longer have a "Second Admin" account on my login screen. (Purpose: to allow login if my primary account was in accessible.) I'm assuming that's because I no longer have the rights to CREATE Admin accounts.

 - The WhatsApp link link on my desktop disappeared. I'm not allowed to access C:\Program Files\WindowsApps to replace the icon, but I can launch from the Start menu - so that's bearable. 

 - I suspect that iDrive thinks I'm not an Admin. The "AppData" folder is marked in red in iDrive, which means I'm not allowed to copy the contents. I've posted this issue on the iDrive forum.  

I would be grateful for any advice.

BTW: As I mentioned, one purpose of the Macrium restore was to eliminate BD - but it still persisted. I've decided to bite the bullet and keep it. So many satisfied BD users can't all be wrong.