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Bitdefender and Chrombooks


I am currently using bitdefender on a chromebook, paid version.

I have two queries that i could not see an answer to when I searched the FAQs and the forums so am posting here in the hopes someon knows the answers;

1: the VON, I paid for the bitdefender vpn subscription seperately as an add on but it refuses to work - it just crashes every time.

I have tried:

uninstalling / reinstalling.

turning it off and on again

my bitdefender is up to date as is my chromebook and all it apps and features.

any ideas?

Secondly - certifgicate of authority installed pop up.

every time I log in, even if the screen has just been on snooze, I get a pop up saying " certificate of authority installed" - what does that even mean? - I went to advanced setting of the chrome browser - and there are no certificates that require authentication -and a quick search of the chrome os setting and advanced setting gives me zero results.

what is it and how do i stop the pop up happening please.

I know that most companies do not support chromebooks ( only found this out once I had bought one, because all the advertising blurb makes it sound like it integrates with everything your android phone does - it really does not) however bitdefender came out as being compatible with chromebooks so I bought it, n w if I could only figure out how to get it to work (vpn) and how to use it ( stop certificate of authority installed pop ups from it) it would be great...

also - does n ayone else using BD on chrome os have these issues or am I just being daft?




certificate of authority installed

pop ups

chrome OS

chrome browser


  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @catlady101,

    You can install Android applications on Chromebook. Bitdefender Mobile Security for example can be installed as an Android application, but scanning will only be available for other Android applications, thus it will not provide full coverage.

    The Bitdefender VPN is not officially supported either, as Bitdefender was not developed to run on Chrome OS.

    As such, it may not behave nor function as expected on Chromebooks, because Bitdefender is not compatible with this OS.


    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user