Excel Datev Anti-Exploit

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Hope someone can help.

We got this dms software, where documents are stored. if i try to open an excel file from the datev dms, it wont. It checks the file from the server out to an appdata location, on this location i can easily open the xls file, also excel normally does work with bitdefender. But not from datev dms.

if i disable anti-exploit i can open excel files from datev dms.

The Bitdefender Support is searching for a solution, but dont find anything.

Maybe i can do it with Your help? I want to check all possible logs or anything that would report that something will be blocked from bitdefender. You got any ideas?

Anyway this path could be helpful?:

C:\Program Files\Bitdefender\Endpoint Security\ThreatScanner\Antivirus_63611_001\Plugins

I repeat, only anti-exploit is enabled, to find a solution, no other module should block the opening...

Or if i read the ram with hxd? Can i find anything helpful in there?

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