Bitdefender VPN and digi online


since a few days I cannot use digi online with the VPN, an error message pops from digi up about wrong operationg system. Can you do something about it, or do I have to switch vpn?



  • Gjoksi


    Check out these articles:


    and see if the steps in the articles will help you.


  • Hi Gjoksi,

    thanks for your answer, but it isn't helping, these are generals... Thing is, it used to work, but digi seems to have don something and since the streams are not working anymore. When connected to a different country, the normal error message from digi is coming, that the stream is restricted in that area. If the vpn is connected to romania, the errror message from is wrong operating system.


  • Gjoksi

    Hello again.

    In that case, you should contact Bitdefender Consumer Support by chat, telephone or e-mail:

    Chat is the fastest way to get in touch with Bitdefender Consumer Support.

    NOTE: Bitdefender telephone support is not toll-free!


  • Hello @pixooxiq and welcome to the Community!

    The apps and streaming services that are not listed in the list of services (netflix, hulu, disney+, iplayer, hbo and prime videos) are not "officially" supported with a VPN connection, so if they work, they go by chance and not because our explicit actions to unblock them. As you may know, some platforms have implemented a system to detect VPNs and do not load or display errors if the Internet connection is filtered through a VPN. Digi could be part of the same category, so I can't guarantee it can be accessed with a VPN connection, but you can apply some of the standard troubleshooting steps like:

    1. try other servers

    2. disable adblocker and antitracker

    3. a flushdns

    4. try another browser

    5. try another device, such as mobile

    If these don't make a difference, then it's highly possible that Digi is blocking the VPN connection and there's not much we can do to prevent that..


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  • Hello, I have similar problem with Digi since the end of May 2023, could see the Digi TV channels without any problem on the iPhone using the Digi Online app and the Bitdefender VPN. Now the Digi content is not anymore visible (I can connect to the app using as virtual location Romania, but the content of the TV channels can not be seen, this is different to the situation if you are not connected to Romania when the Digi app is saying that Digi content is not available outside Romania). Should be excluded the fact that Digi is now banning the VPN connections because it work perfectly when using another VPN like Windscribe.

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    Hello @horus_ro,

    Apart from these steps:

    Check the below article for additional troubleshooting steps and let us know if anything from here worked for you:

    If the issue persists, I would recommend contacting the Support engineers for a more detailed investigation. You can use the link below to choose your desired contact channel (chat, phone or email/ticket):

    When contacting the Support teams, make sure to have the following information available for them, to help speed up the troubleshooting process:

    • The OS on which the vpn is running
    • The affected account
    • Whether the problem occurs on a specific location or all locations
    • IP of the affected server
    • If using standalone VPN or VPN in BMS
    • Whether the problem occurs only on mobile data or only on wifi or present on both. Preferably try multiple networks
    • App version


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  • Salut Alexandru,

    Pot sa-ti dau eu mai multe detalii despre problema asta.

    Totul a inceput in Mai 2023 cind Digi Online app a schimbat player-ul de streaming si nu am mai putut vedea nici un content, eroarea care apare in Windows zice “continutul nu este suportat de sistemul tau de operare” iar pe ipad sau iphone nu apare nici o eroare doar black screen.

    Am incercat in iOS si Windows, in Safari, Crome si Edge, fibra de acasa si la munca, pe mobile data si wifi, toate se comporta la fel si dau aceeasi eroare.

    In toate variantele am folosit direct VPN app, nici ultimul update/facelift la VPN nu a schimbat nimic.

    Intr-o zi mi-a venit ideea sa folosesc VPN “vechi” din BMS app (in iOS) si BTS (in Windows). Surpriza, Didi a mers ca inainte si merge si acum.

    Deci clar s-a schimbat ceva la Bitdefender VPN new app, un algoritm poate care nu a mai fost schimbat si la VPN-ul vechi din cauza ca o sa fie “retired” in curind probabil.

    Singurul motiv pentru care am facut upgrade la Bitdefender Premium a fost VPN cu Romania pentru Digi. As fi foarte dezamagit sa fiu fortat sa schimb la alt VPN doar din cauza ca Bitdefender ii “ajuta” cumva pe Digi sa opreasca accesul din strainatate…

    In numele la toti romanii cu aceasta probleme astept comentariile si recomandarile tale.

    Multumesc anticipat.


  • Salut @Vali_mada,

    O varianta poate fi schimbarea protocolului. Incercati sa setati IPsec sau Wireguard din setarile aplicatiei VPN, dupa cum urmeaza:

    Accesati aplicatia Bitdefender VPN, apoi faceti click pe pictograma contului:

    Selectati meniul setarilor, apoi accesati rubrica "advanced" :

    Mai departe, bifati pe rand optiunile de protocol disponibile, reporniti VPN-ul si incercati sa accesati Digi dupa fiecare schimbare de protocol:

    Va rog sa imi confirmati daca s-a putut realiza conexiunea in urma acestor modificari.

    Cu stima,


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  • Buna ziua, am urmat pasii indicati, am incercat toate optiunile de protocol, tot nu functioneaza Digi.

    Cu alt VPN Windscribe) functioneaza perfect (din acceasi locatie si pe acelasi iOS, aceeasi retea de net).

  • Vali_mada
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    Eram pe protocolul automat, le-am incercat si pe celelalte dar fara success ca si comentatorul de mai sus.

    Deci VPN prin BMS merge cu Digi, alte VPN-uri merg (cum sustine si horus_ro), cred ca e timpul sa escalezi problema la urmatorul nivel…

    Noi asteptam nerabdatori o solutie.

    Multumesc pentru sugestie oricum.

  • Salut, Same here acum 1 luna, din Grecia, nu merge si gata Digi Online via BD VPN Premium.

    Dupa ce am testat alternativa Windscribe si vazut ca merge (prima luna e gratuita, fara inregistrare card bancar), am revenit totusi la solutia platita BD.

    Surpriza, a mers, constant, ma rog, putin gatuit din cauza retelei locale limitata Cosmote. Dar a mers.

    Nu am facut nicio modificare speciala, telefonul este un vechi Huawei Mate 20 Pro cu Android.

    Acest feedback nu ajuta cu un tips&tricks dar confirma, cel putin in cazul meu, ca VPN BD functioneaza.

    PS: La inceput, incercam fara VPN si cu BD proaspat instalat... imi parea ca problema este de la player!

  • confirm ca nu mai functioneaza nici de pe androd si nici de pe desktop windows chrome... am instalat windscribe si functioneaza fara nici o problema, o sa achizitionez abonament pe windscribe...