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why is Bitdefender asking me for 2nd verification to log in new device???


i tried to log in and Bitdefend said i was using a new device and asked me to take and extra step and go to my email for a verification number...

This is NOT a new device,,, its the same crappy laptop ive been using since 2010,,, the very same computer ive had since i first started using Bitdefender a year ago,.... .

why is Bitdefender now calling this a new or different device!


  • Flexx

    It happens sometimes and it has happened to me also.

    @Alexandru_BD, @Mike_BD can you get some information on this.


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  • Alexandru_BD


    This is the enforced 2-Factor Authentication feature that can be sometimes triggered by a change of location, IP or maybe even a new browser, or anything that can be considered suspicious or unusual activity.

    More information on 2FA is available below:


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  • GrowWithUs

    Bitdefender's security measures are designed to protect your account and ensure that only authorized individuals can access it. When it detects a login attempt from a device that it hasn't seen before or doesn't recognize, it may prompt for additional verification to confirm your identity and prevent unauthorized access.

    In your case, it's possible that something triggered Bitdefender to consider your laptop as a new or different device. There could be a few reasons for this:

    1. Updates or changes: If you recently updated your operating system or made significant changes to your laptop's hardware or software configuration, Bitdefender might perceive it as a new device.
    2. IP address change: Your IP address is one of the factors that services like Bitdefender use to identify devices. If your IP address has changed, it could contribute to the device being recognized as new.
    3. Browser or cookie settings: Bitdefender may rely on browser cookies or specific settings to identify devices. If your browser settings or cookies were cleared or modified, it might affect the device recognition process.

    It's worth noting that while you've been using the same laptop since 2010, Bitdefender's algorithms might have been updated to improve security and detection capabilities. Therefore, it might be more sensitive to changes that trigger the "new device" prompt.

    If you're confident that there haven't been any significant changes to your laptop, you can proceed with the email verification process to confirm your identity. This additional step helps ensure that even if someone somehow gained access to your login credentials, they won't be able to log in without access to your email account as well. It's an added layer of security to protect your Bitdefender account and the information it contains.