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Gah. Your tab just crashed.

LyneT Gah. Your tab just crashed.

I have been using Firefox for ages, but since I upgraded my Bitdefender to Total Security I have been getting tons of frustration. Each time I open Firefox , it gives me this error message, "Gah. Your tab just crashed. We can help! Choose Restore This Tab to reload the page."

I never had these troubles before. I have started Firefox in Safe Mode, Refresh, did everything there was to do, remove the app, re-installed... same problem. Till I seen this: "multiple reports that Bitdefender is causing issues with tab crashes".

How is it that your software is creating so much problems? Is there a solution to this? If so, can someone please give me some ideas as I spend a whole day yesterday trying to fix this... and I gave up. Otherwise the only thing left would be to remove the Bitdefender and get a refund.