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How to disable all notifications


I recently switched from Norton to Bitdefender in hopes of getting a less intrusive experience, but unfortunately i'm still getting these irrelevant pop-ups on my screen. How do I disable this type of notification going forward? I can't have Bitdefender notifications shifting focus away from full screen programs. Since the game I had running was on a TV, I had to walk over to my computer to deal with it.

I shouldn't be receiving alerts about a breach that happened almost two years ago and doesn't affect me at all. A minute before this one, I received another notification about an update that also took focus away from a full screen app.

I have already changed these settings but they don't apply to the above notification apparently.


  • Gjoksi


    Open your Bitdefender program and go to:

    1. Settings -> General and disable "Special offers" and "Recommendation notifications" (for the "Password Manager" notification)

    2. Protection -> Antivirus -> Settings -> Scan flash drives and select "Autoscan" or "Disabled", do not select "Ask every time" (for the "USB Immunizer Recommendation" notification)

    3. Protection -> Antivirus -> Settings -> Scan CD & DVD and select "Autoscan" or "Disabled", do not select "Ask every time" (for the "CD/DVD Recommendation" notification)

    4. Privacy -> Safepay -> Settings and disable "Safepay notifications"

    5. Privacy -> Video & Audio Protection -> Settings and disable "Notify when allowed applications connect to the webcam", "Notify when an application tries to access the microphone" and "Notify when browsers access the microphone"

    6. Utilities -> Profiles -> Settings and disable "Activate profiles automatically" (for the Profile notification)

    After doing that, in the future no pop-up notifications will be displayed in the lower right corner of your screen.

    REMEMBER: When a threat is detected, a pop-up notification will be displayed in the lower right corner of your screen and you can't disable those pop-up notifications.

    Next, as an option to fully disable the Bitdefender alerts and pop-ups, open your Bitdefender program, go to Utilities -> Profiles -> Settings and enable/activate "Work Profile" or "Game Profile".

    When "Work Profile" or "Game Profile" is enabled/activated, all Bitdefender alerts and pop-ups are disabled.

    Finally, as for the Bitdefender VPN pop-ups, you can simply uninstall Bitdefender VPN from your device by following the steps provided here (just select "Bitdefender VPN"):


    open the Bitdefender VPN program, go to Settings -> Notifications and disable "Allow notifications".

    It is recommended that you also review the privacy preferences set in your Bitdefender Central account:

    1. On any internet-connected device launch a web browser, visit�and sign in to your Bitdefender Central account.

    2. Click on your username in the top right corner and select "Bitdefender Account" in the menu. This option will launch in a new browser tab.

    3. Access the "Data & Privacy" tab, then click on the "Privacy preferences" section.

    4. Uncheck both boxes to stop promotional messages:

    - Receive in product insights regarding threats, news, and offers.

    - Receive insights regarding threats, news, and offers via email.


  • Alexandru_BD

    Hi @Rafael.P,

    What happens here is that this type of notification is not yet linked with the "Special offers" & "Recommendation notifications" settings, but it will be taken into account in a future update (v27 i think) and with the respective setting OFF, it won't be displayed again. For now, it should no longer pop up for a longer period of time, if it has already been displayed. Efforts are being made by the developers to improve these notifications, especially the ones that are stealing focus and some adjustments have already been implemented, but this is a longer development process that will require some time to be completed, as there are multiple categories of in-product notifications available.


    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user