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AMD RYZEN 7000 (7950X3D) have use CPU package and temp is very hight

edited June 2023 in Enterprise Security

Why install Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools on computer AMD RYZEN 7000 (7950X3D). Maybe CPU and Temp is very hight to max (85-89 degree) and use only core 7 on CPU in the attach file picture

But install on CPU intel can use normaly. Can you please test and find a solution to this condition troubleshooting?

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  • Alex_Dr
    Alex_Dr Quality & Customer Experience Specialist BD Staff

    Hello @Witsanuk,

    I do apologize for the late reply.

    Can you let me know if the situation still persists at the moment or if it has been resolved? If it does I strongly suggest contacting the Enterprise Support Team as proper troubleshooting has to be performed (in the form of a remote session or via telephone).

    Best regards,

    Alex D.