Mobile security and VPN


I have my Mobile Security installed on my iphone (I also have a subscriction to Total Security) and a VPN subscriction.

When I turn on VPN service, Mobile Security goes off... and viceversa. Is that normal?

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  • Oliviero66

    Thanx Alexandru! But now, the question is: which one do I have to turn on?

  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @Oliviero66,

    VPN and Web Protection serve different purposes, and you should turn them on depending on your needs.

    For example, if you want to do some online transaction on your banking site while being connected to an airport or a mall WIFI, you should turn on the VPN to encrypt & anonymise all your traffic. If you are especially browsing on all kind of new sites that could look suspicious, then Web Protection would be of greater help, making sure that the domains you are accessing are not exposed to online threats (like malware, phishing, miner) by blocking access to dangerous pages. If you are absolutely sure that the websites you visit are legitimate and safe, there's no need to turn on Web Protection.



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