Help with Samsung Note 9 battery drain

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Hello. Lately I've noticed that the battery frequently drains pretty quickly. I restart my phone nightly and when I wake up I sometime see an alert about apps us g a lot f processing power and it's bit defender. And I'll see stats for the usage since last charge and it is always bit defender using up the battery. Last was was bit defender for 7 hrs 102%

Any help would be appreciated.


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    Follow the steps from this article:

    If that didn't help, you should contact Bitdefender Mobile Support by e-mail:

    [email protected]


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    Also @agozob can have a look into this for you.


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    It would be very helpful if you would let us know more details about the issue.

    What is the Android version of your device and what Bitdefender Mobile Security version is it that is causing the issue (you can check it in Settings -> Apps)? Also, what features did you enable in Bitdefender (such as Scam Alert, App Lock, etc)? Do you use any third party market apps?

    The best thing you could do though is make a bugreport on the device or using ADB and then send it to the support team. That would give us detailed information about what was happening on the device when the drain occurred.

    Have a good day!