False positive removal

Bitdefender has incorrectly flagged our wordpress website= as Phising - and infuriatingly it gives no explanation, reason, or solution.

This is a false positive.

For some reason you have misjudged the reputation of the web https://www.toyota-surakarta.com and entered the web rated clean by all below:

Domain cleanup by Google Safe Browsing

Domain cleanup by Sucuri Labs

Domain clearing by ESET

Domain cleanup by McAfee

Domain cleaning by URLHaus

Domain cleanup by PhishTank

Please review the reputation of the website https://www.toyota-surakarta.com and remove it from the blacklist as soon as possible for causing serious damage to my company. Because the domain is currently a clean web of phishing, PUP, malware or the like. Our website is 100% clean and Bitdefender are wrong.

Website https://www.toyota-surakarta.com/ is a motor vehicle sales business category website. This website is a fresh new website which aims to attract customers and provide information about the Toyota car products they want to market.

Please resolve this asap. 

Our website is https://www.toyota-surakarta.com

Thank you very much