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Hello. An attempt was made to unlock an account only Motorola android phone, is their away to find out exactly who it was

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  • Hi @zakk2115,

    Have you given your phone to someone or lost sight of the device for some time?

    I would suggest setting up a "trap" to find out who it is if this happens again 😃

    You can enable the Snap Photo feature that comes with teh Anti-Theft protection on Mobile Security for android devices.

    Each time someone will try to unlock your device without success while Snap Photo is turned on, Bitdefender will take a photo of him. More exactly, every time the PIN code, password, or fingerprint confirmation you set to protect your device is entered wrong three times in a row, a photo is taken using the front camera. The photo is saved together with the time-stamp and reason and can be seen when you open Bitdefender Mobile Security and access the Anti-Theft window.

    This way, you can find out if someone attempts to violate your privacy by trying to gain access to the device without your permission.

    I hope the information is helpful.


  • How do I get the snap photo feature to take a photo with the selfie camera rather than the standard camera? Mine is taking photos with only the standard camera and is not getting a face image.

  • Hello @Wkirklandco,

    What mobile device do you have? If the behavior persists and is encountered on all protected mobile devices, I would recommend to contact the Support teams for a more in-depth investigation. You can reach them using the link below:

    You can choose from the following contact channels: chat, phone or email/ticket, chat being the fastest way to get in touch.


  • Thank-you very much