My Windows laptop tells me Bitdefender is out of date

I shut down my laptop every night. When I log on in the morning, Windows notifications tells me Bitdefender is out of date. To click the message to update Bitdefender, which I do.

I look on my account and it says everything is up to date. However, when I try the Malware scan, it states it has sent the command, but it never updates me with results of the scan. I tried it last week, however, it states the last scan was 72 days ago.

So I am really not sure if Bitdefender is even protecting my laptop.


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    Hi @Santa Fean

    I apologize, but I may be a bit confused. Are you trying to run a scan, Malware, send command from your Central account? As both of those terms are used there. Or, are you running a Quick scan or a System scan from the desktop app itself? If so, from the left side of the desktop app, Notifications/All, does it show a scan to have been completed?

    Otherwise, if it has to do with the desktop app itself, you can run a repair, and see if that resolves it for you.

    Please let us know more details as needed.


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  • Yes, I would also advise to reinstall/repair in this scenario.

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