Web Protection being disabled almost continuously

Bitdefender Mobile Security’s Web Protection feature is constantly being disabled on my new S23 with Android 13. Even after manually reactivating Web Protection, it will turn itself off again almost immediately, and then it will suddenly work for a day or two before being disabled yet again. I had this issue occasionally with my old S10E, most especially after the Android 12 upgrade, but nothing like this. I have tried every "fix" I could find on the Bitdefender website, but nothing works. I've given Bitdefender unrestricted battery access, I've given it access through Accessibility, yet nothing seems to works for very long.

Unfortunately, Bitdefender's fixes only cover through Android 12, but there is no mention of Android 13. I am getting seriously tired of seeing the "Configuration issue detected on your S23. Device security at risk" message and then having Bitdefender happily tell me that "No threats were detected in the past 7 days." Really? You were asleep most of the time...how would you even know?

I finally reached out to Bitdefender's Customer Service only to be told to do the fixes that Bitdefender had posted on their website. I told the CSR that I had, but there was no mention of Android 13 so I had to make do with the Android 12 fixes and they weren't working. I was summarily informed that he would make a note of it, and "they" would call me back. Click....

Has anyone found a resolution to this issue? I keep waiting for a fix, or good work around, from Bitdefender for an issue they know about, but it doesn't seem to be coming.