Update requires restart?

What ignoramus has decided to require a restart after an update? Imagine busy on your system, work or gaming or whatever, something you do not want to stop, and seeing that there is an update for Bitdefender. For once, it interrupts you in your flow. Then you need to manually start the update, the second interruption. And lastly you need to restart, after the update. Forget you where busy.

Suggestion, perform the update when the user turns of the system, and the required restart will be fulfilled when the user start the system. No interruption at all.


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    Hi @MBergijk

    It may not be the most convenient way, but Bitdefender has been requiring major build updates with a restart for years, it's how they're able to modify and install the files which can be resolving a known issue or two.

    You can just tick the minimize button at the top of the update/restart window and finish up what you need to, and restart later. None of Bitdefender's shields will stop working, you just won't get any new AV, malware signature updates during that pause time.

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