Safeplay wants to open unknown banking page ?

The box popped up asking to open safeplay when I opened a PDF document which by default opens the web browser . Clicking no or the close button would not get rid of the box , so I allowed safeplay to open and the address bar showed a site beginning / and an error message on the page saying you do not have access to this resource ? It seems to be the opera browser which triggers safe play , firefox does not , and I can cancel the box after opening the pdf in FF?

What could be the cause?

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    The cause of the Bitdefender SafePlay box popping up when you open a PDF document in Opera and not Firefox is likely due to the way that Opera handles PDF files. Opera, by default, opens PDF files in a built-in PDF viewer. This PDF viewer is not as secure as a web browser, so Bitdefender SafePlay may be triggering to protect you from potential malware or phishing attacks.

    The URL that you are seeing in the address bar of SafePlay is the URL of the embedded web content in the PDF file. This web content is likely being used by the PDF file to connect to a remote server and download additional content. Bitdefender SafePlay is blocking access to this content because it does not trust the remote server.

    If you are comfortable with the source of the PDF file, you can allow SafePlay to open the content. However, if you are not sure about the source of the PDF file, it is best to not allow SafePlay to open the content.

    To disable Bitdefender SafePlay for PDF files in Opera, you can follow these steps:

    1) Open Bitdefender.

    2) Click on the Protection tab.

    3) Click on the Web Protection icon.

    4) Under PDF Files, uncheck the Enable SafePlay for PDF files checkbox.

    5) Click on the Apply button.

    Once you have disabled SafePlay for PDF files, you should no longer see the Bitdefender SafePlay box when you open PDF files in Opera.


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  • Thanks for the reply .

    It only does it with opera , so that would explain .