How can I run Bitdefender on my Android, but remove the VPN, as I already have a dedicated VPN

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G'day people,

As asked above, I already have a VPN from another company who has a product that is far superior than the VPN that Bitdefender provides.

I have been a Bitdefender user for quite a long time, and one of the things that I liked from the start is that it isn't bogged down with bloatware, but things seem to be changing, and like the others who are full of bloatware, Bitdefender seems to be going down the same path.

While I acknowledge that some need a simple product that does the lot, but others don't need the extra features, and should be given the option to select which features are installed.

I have had a look, and I can't find any options to uninstall the VPN from Bitdefender. The only option I can find is not to uninstall the upgraded version.

Is there an option to remove the VPN from Bitdefender?