How do I determine which computer uses which computer ID displayed on Central

Hi all.

I want to discover which of my computers are using which Bit Defender ID so that I can change the IDs to the owner's name

Thank you


  • Scott
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    Hi @MikeCS

    If you are running Windows, for both 10 and 11 go to Settings/System/About/Device name, and that should be what shows up on your Central Devices.

    To change the device name in Central, on the left side click on My Devices/the device you want to rename/View Details then tick the Rename option on the top right, to be able to more easily identify the device.

    On Android, go to Settings/About phone/Model name, should be what shows up in your Central account as the device name, which again, you can change in the same way as above.

    If it's a Mac or iOS device, I'm not sure, as I only use Windows and Android.

    If this didn't answer your question, please let us know.


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