Is Bitdefender opening extra services?

I have several services (processes) opening I didn't before loading BD

Widget services and some Microsoft services will just open on their own.

One big one is PHONE service... I used to have ONLY 5 processes running and now several come and go... I've run many "C" drive scans and detect nothing.

At least PHONE LINK and widgetservice never used to open...

PHONE LINK is disabled in "startup"


  • I guess never mind, I got it back to running stable for now again... I've never seen it go crazy on me before BD but maybe I didn't check as often as I do now.

    If this this is unusual though, don't know what I'd have gotten hit by that BD wouldn't detect.

  • Hi @Zztopman1,

    These could also be related to a windows update. Not a security concern in my opinion. 'Widgetservice' may be related with the Bitdefender Widget. This is really nice to have:

    Anyway, glad to hear it has been sorted out 🙂