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Unsafe post (in twitter) screen.


Hi. Please help. I clicked on a tweet and was redirected to a site on Edge, at which point the Bit Def alert screen popped up. Given two options.. go back to safety or proceed at my own risk. Clicked 'go back' and got a blank Edge screen, and not the twitter home feed screen, (the back button merely opened the previous Edge page). Tried to open Twitter which had stayed on the unsafe post and again was redirected to the same BD 'page reported unsafe' notification covering the Edge page. I cannot now open twitter without getting the same notification and appear to be locked into this loop. How can I open twitter without landing on the unsafe post, that remains open?


  • Leafy

    Turns out the first warning screen on twitter came and went so fast I couldnt manage to click on the go back button. The way I got rid of the issue was to uninstall/reinst. twitter.

  • Hello @Leafy,

    Thanks for following up with the resolution. So you managed to solve this, yes?

    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user