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iLok License Manager: Bitdefender being officially incompatible with iLok.


Hello all,

I just found out on iLok official webpage (faq section) that they are listing Bitdefender as incompatible with iLok License Manager (from PACE).  Here is the link: help.ilok .com/faq_ilm .html

The issue is that iLok License Manager does not start at all when you click on it (basically nothing happens. You see the blue circle for a sec then it disappears. The program does not even load in memory). So it's the second issue listed "I can't launch the app..."

As you can see, they only solution they are proposing is to uninstall Bitdefender which I find a bit silly obviously.

1) Has anyone faced the same issue ?

2) Is there a solution / workaround for this ?

P.S: The most famous software using iLok Pro Tools.

Please advise.

Thank you.