Can my VPN be causing my continual wifi disconnections??

Hello : ) I just recently bought a google pixel 7 pro (disappointing choice) and one of the problems I am having is that at least once a day I have to restart my phone to get access to my home wifi on my phone (it is not the wifi). This never happened on my old Iphone SE.

I'm starting to think it has something to do with my VPN, as a similar thing has happened to the last 2 laptops I have owned (and its only dawned on me this morning - I am a bit slow). Whenever my laptop goes to sleep (ie I don't attend to it for a while) and I wake it up again, for the most part I have to restart the laptop too before I can access wifi : (

Is this because I am using a VPN??

Also, do I really need to use a VPN on my home network?? My concern is that my mobile gets disconnected from Wifi and I don't know it - therefore I am not receiving important emails as the wifi is disconnected and I haven't been made aware.

Please help. Ta : )

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    Hello @CheekyChook,

    I would say it's possible. I think you should test the connection without VPN to see if the same thing happens. It's also important to know on which network the disconnection occurs. If it's being used on the home network, the VPN anonymizes its traffic, like on any other networks. Speaking of networks, I would also recommend to use the Bitdefender Wi-Fi Security Advisor to configure your home network and other networks you may use:

    But I do not exclude a possible issue with the Wi-Fi. Restart your wireless router and check how stable the network actually is without VPN.

    I think you can use the mobile settings to switch to mobile data when Wi-Fi is not available, if mobile data usage is not a concern. For what is worth, the Bitdefender VPN also provides a Kill-Switch feature. When enabled, this feature temporarily suspends all Internet traffic if the VPN connection accidentally drops. As soon as you are back online, the VPN connection will be reestablished. I don't know if this would be useful to you, but I thought I should mention it.


  • CheekyChook
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    Thank you so much for your help 🙏🙏💐people like me really appreciate your help like you wouldn't believe. Thanks again : )