How to confirm scanned threat result or report false positive?

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Hi, I'm new to the forum but have been using BD for a few years on various PCs and Android phones. Very recently BD identified the Slice app on my Android S23 as a PUA even though I've had and used it for years. Is there a way to confirm an actual threat or bad actor in the app? Alternatively, if the app is "clean" is there a way to report false positive results directly to BD? Screenshots attached...

If this is not the correct place in the forum for this question, apologies, and please redirect me to the appropriate area or thread.


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    Only the anti-malware researchers at Bitdefender Labs can help you with the issue.

    You should report the file(s) and/or the URL(s) as false positive to Bitdefender Labs here:


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    Thanks! I don't know why I couldn't find it but that's exactly what I've been looking for. Cheers!