Bitdefender Internet Security on a "user" account problem

I'm having this vexing problem on my Windows 10 (Pro edition) computer. I read somewhere that it's better to use a "user" account, than get on the internet via the main "administrator" account. So I have 2 such user accounts and primarily sign into the first one I made, every day for almost every internet session. Sometime in this year or last, I noticed that the red square with the white B isn't loading into my taskbar when I sign in at startup. (at first it would load, but then the little white dot in the box didn't come on--indicating it was fully operational.) So my idea was to reinstall Bitdefender--back then--on the Admin account. Yes, that seemed to fix it. Then, this year I had to do that again, and it worked. For exactly, one day. (This summer I bought a smart phone--first time--and have been having worse over all problems with the PC since. If "syncing up" the phone to other devices connects the phone to my PC somehow, well, I opted out of that!) So within the past two months, the problem started again, and I reinstalled Bitdefender again. Same thing happened. Absolutely no loading of the red indicator in the taskbar, after one day of use. I start it using the desktop icon, instead. The Security Dashboard pops up eventually, saying YOU ARE SAFE. But AM I ?? I ask that because lately, as well, I hardly get any security notifications about port scans or exploit attempts, etc.. I mean, if I have to continually reinstall Bitdefender every time I use my PC, it's certainly NOT worth the money I'm paying for it. It was touted as the "best" anti-virus solution out there.

I'm also using Mozilla's Firefox browser--64 bit version. As I say, Bitdefender loads fine on the Admin and user 2 account, but, same lack of notifications on both.

I sometimes think I've been hacked, because all sorts of weirdness keeps happening with this PC. Anyway, is there a fix for this, short of reinstalling every day?