Cannot run scan. "No internet connection"

Daniel777 Miss
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Hi Good day.

I installed the Bitdefender Internet Security. And am running the fee 14 day trial to test before I buy.

But when I want to run a scan the app keeps telling me that there is no internet connection, and thus I cannot even run a simple scan. And I DO have internet.

Which means out of the 14 days, 7 days are wasted and I still cannot use the app to test it.

Android 9.

I cleared storage. Re-logged in.

Even uninstalled and re-installed the app

All to no avail.

Please help as I've already lost 7 days and still no way to actually test the app.

Thank you


  • Scott
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    Hi @Daniel777

    If you are trying to run a scan offline, BD Mobile Security needs to connect to the cloud servers for the malware signatures. Otherwise, it will not scan without an internet connection.

    But, if you are connected to the internet and getting that notification, I would contact support, and see what they have to say. edit: you edited your post to include the image, which looks like you are online.

    Go through the prompts until reach the black Contact Support box. You will have three options, Chat, email and phone support, which is not toll-free. Chat can be the quickest way to get things started.

    Kind regards,


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