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I've attached what my taskbar icon looks like for BitDefender when it is 'pinned to taskbar'. When it's not pined and just running a scan, etc., it's the BitDefender logo. How can i fix this? I've restarted, unpinned, pinned.




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  • Hi Flex,

    I did the uninstall/install and it fixed, so far, my problem with the Bitdefender task bar icon. I did have to go in and do some of my settings again, but no biggie.



  • The task icon reverted back to the problem, less than 24 hours after the fix, now what?



  • Alexandru_BD
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    Hello @larryxdenise,

    Try the following:

    Step 1: Search "Bitdefender" in Windows Search Option.

    Step 2: After the Bitdefender app comes in search result, right click on it, hover to select "Open file Location" by left click.

    Step 3: This will take you to a shortcut of the app. Now right click on that shortcut and go in its "Properties".

    Step 4: Under properties tab you'll find that the app icon is missing. There is an option to "Change Icon", left click on it. Then select "Bitdefender" icon.

    Step 5: If you're already running the app, then the icon will still appear blank. Close the app from the taskbar. Then reopen and it should be displayed properly.

    Let us know how it goes.