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Ditch the windows metro inspired user interface because I hate it. Go with something similar to iMac ui style or with what others have done like f-secure’s rectangular streamlined UI. Or give us new color skins to play with. Just thought metro apps styles sometimes just suck.

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    While your feedback is appreciated, Bitdefender has changed its UI in the last 3-4 years, and it seems that Bitdefender developers may not currently consider this feature request at this time. There are many considerations when a product undergoes a UI change. Also, to implement a feature that is different from what Bitdefender developers think requires a lot of user requesting for the same to be introduced.

    Additionally, introducing a new feature should have a maximum number of users requesting it. For example, in the link below, you can see that I requested Bitdefender to introduce a dark theme in its product, and it was implemented after a year:


    @Alexandru_BD, @Mike_BD any thoughts on this.


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  • Hello @Divik32,

    Regarding the UI, there has been a previous discussion about this and some of our members have shared their opinions with one of our product managers. You can view the full discussion here:

    Taken from the post:

    Bitdefender products have continuously progressed, refreshed, improved in all these years, even though changes to the GUI were sometimes minimal. Because the products' evolution, at least from a pragmatic standpoint, should mostly refer to what's under the hood and how they manage to keep you protected as the threat landscape evolves - because this is our number one priority. Of course, not changing the GUI could create the perception that the product itself is no longer evolving - I do understand that, but at the same time this is a design that addresses both users who want to easily change/check something – and those who want to fiddle more with everything that’s included.


  • Can there be maybe black & white theme?

  • Ansel Adams theme :)

    I do like F-Secure's layout and design, but especially their ability to go full screen or drag windows by the edges to expand them. This is the UI change I would want to see.

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    This comment is off-topic, but F-Secure once relied on Bitdefender for malware detection and now depends on Avira. 😅


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    Yep, and now uses less resources, depending on the cloud more :)

    All Bitdefender Home Product User Guides:https://www.bitdefender.com/consumer/support/user-guides/

  • I agree. I love Bitdefender, especially because it's a product crafted in my home country and I'm proud of our accomplishments - but the UI looks a bit too Windows 10 for my Windows 11 if you get what I mean. I'd love if it looked more rounded off and smooth, like Kaspersky. The old Bitdefender interfaces were amazing and I seriously miss them, so I hope the UI team revolutionizes in this aspect again in the near future.

  • Unfair effort guys. They don't want to change the GUI of the BitDefender programs, they want it to be the same for years and years. They don't want evolution, progress, nor change. The same GUI over and over again for years.

    I agree with you @Divik32 and @Crylune, I really like the GUI of programs from F-Secure and Kaspersky.

    I feel very sad and bitter about BitDefender, I believe that they have no passion for what they do and do not want new things, progress and evolution.

    I feel like I wasted my money on BitDefender, I have a valid license for 3 years for 10 devices.

  • Hi @getaid,

    First of all, the Bitdefender UI was not the same for years. Check how Bitdefender looked like back in 2009 for example. I think its appearance is somewhat subjective to taste, some may like it, others may dislike it and that's absolutely fine. Again, I think what's under the hood matters most and I personally see nothing wrong with its current looks. Whenever we demand change, there has to bee a good reason behind this and the request should be supported with arguments. It is essential that all ideas include a user story, that is, what is the problem and why you think a change is needed. This helps developers to understand the use case, so adding a personal input and elaborating on your perspective is appreciated as well. However, motivating a change of UI simply because a facelift has not been done for some time, isn't a solid argument, in my humble opinion.

    You say that you have wasted money on Bitdefender. Well, I don't know if paying for awarded cybersecurity is a loss. This antivirus has won multiple awards and speaking of prizes, Bitdefender just scored best for Advanced Threat Protection in the latest testing by AV-Comparatives.

    Passion and innovation are precisely the qualities that return such amazing results and there's no doubt that Bitdefender is a leader in the antivirus industry. So, I think you've made a good choice to stick with them for another 3 years.


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