Is Bitdefender Good for My Computer?

Hey everyone,

I've been hearing a lot about Bitdefender lately and was wondering if it's a good antivirus for my computer. I want something that's easy to use and provides strong protection. Can anyone share their experiences with Bitdefender or recommend any other good options for antivirus software? Thanks!


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    I'm a Bitdefender user since 2017 and so far no problems with the program, easy to use, easy on resources and provides strong protection on my Windows and Android devices.

    You could download and try a free 30-day trial version of the program:

    and see if the program fits your needs.


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    Hi Harriet,

    I have been using Bitdefender anti malware products for more than fifteen years without any real issue and no malwares inside and I find it easy to use.

    I currently use Bitdefender Internet security and Bitdefender VPN, desktop and mobile.

    A tip to remember is:

    "The best firewall is between the chair and the keyboard" (*)



    (*) Let's admit the worst too ! 😉

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    There are independent testing companies that conduct malware tests and rate various antimalware vendors accordingly. Below are the links to some of these companies


    OMEN Laptop 15-en1037AX (Bitdefender Total Security) & Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (Bitdefender Mobile Security)

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    I have been using Bitdefender Total Security for over ten years. I echo the comments of @Gjoksi . I highly recommend this product to my computer clients and have for years. It is solid protection.

    Try it for yourself. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee. What do you have to lose?

    Have a great day.



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