Boot using USB thumbdrive

Due to a problem, I have to reinstall windows 10. I've created a ISO file on my thumb drive and I went into windows and changed the boot sequence to USB, but Bitdenfender is blocking the use of a thumb drive. How can I get my system to boot from a USB?


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    Hi Goldie5513,

    Do you have access to the previous system anyway?

    Then you could either deactivate Bitdefender or put an exclusion rule to forbid Bitdefender to read the USB drive.

    If you cannot have access at all to your system, you'd better write to the tech team:

    Besides, do you mean you made the ISO file before the issue from a clean system ?



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    This is really weird; I've never heard of Bitdefender blocking a flash drive during the boot process. During that particular time, many Windows services are not enabled, and third-party applications, including Bitdefender, are also not enabled at all.

    Can you take a screenshot of Bitdefender blocking your flash drive during the boot process using your smartphone or any other device?

    @Alexandru_BD, @Mike_BD do you have anything to add here.


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