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How to remove VPN form a Mac


How do I remove premium VPN form my Mac and/or disable it as it is blocking an important website I need access too.

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  • Liobet
    Liobet ✭✭✭
    edited November 2023

    Hi Sth.Aussie,

    I only have windows, not Mac, but I believe these issues and answers are similar.

    why do you want to remove it ?

    You could either deactivate it or (better) choose another IP address for your VPN.

    It is probably not your VPN that blocks your access to the site you like, but the site which does not like the VPN !

    So... do not use the automatic gimmick.

    Change manually the country in your Bitdefender Premium VPN and try again !

    ( I daily do that for some peculiar sites/countries)

    Please let us know if it works.



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  • Alexandru_BD


    If the website cannot be accessed while the VPN is connected, I think the first step would be to disable it and try again. The articles shared above are also helpful in the event the page cannot be accessed when using the VPN. If the website is still blocked/unavailable with the VPN turned off, then something else is blocking it or the page is unavailable. It's also important to know if any errors are displayed during your attempts. All Bitdefender apps are easily removable via standard platform specific mechanisms, and if you don't use a VPN, you can simply uninstall it by following the relevant steps for macOS, available in the article provided earlier by Gjoksi.


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  • Hi Alexandru_BD,

    Many thanks for your excellent reply, which helped to resolve the issue, very much appreciated.