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Bitdefender VPN blocking connection with other devices in local WiFi network


When connected to to the vpn, I cannot connect or find other devices using the same WiFi connection. I have a new Philips home appliance that I can operate when connected to it via WiFi and not connected to the vpn, but the moment I start using vpn, the connection is interrupted and nighter my phone (tested on iOS and Android) and the appliance can see each other


  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @Caps1986,

    The VPN will change your IP address, so basically you are in another network and that's why you can't find the other devices using the same Wi-Fi connection. If the connection is made only via Wi-Fi and there is no app that can be routed outside the VPN connection by utilizing split tunneling, then unfortunately I don't see a solution here.. If there would be apps such as xiaomi home, or samsung, they can be routed through split tunneling.


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  • Thanks for the response. I can live with this, is just an inconvenience