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Does BD identify phishing emails?

edited November 2023 in General Topics

I'm running it on my chromebook. So far I think I have some phishing emails in but I don't see that it identified anything.


  • Nunzio77
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    The account setting in POP3 or IMAP4?

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  • Alexandru_BD
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    Hello @travistee,

    Anti-phishing defenses are layered mechanisms.

    1. The first line of defense is the spam filter: a feature that is usually integrated with your security solution and that filters junk e-mail from legit messages. A good antispam filter blocks the phishing attempt in its early stage, so you don’t even see the lure that is being thrown at you.
    2. The second line of defense is a good scam filter for your Android smartphone/tablet. Scam filters monitor incoming SMS messages in real-time and alert you when a dangerous link arrives in a text message.
    3. The third layer of defense is the anti-phishing or anti-fraud module – another component of the anti-virus that analyzes the web page you land on and determines whether it has been designed to steal your data. Even if you have fallen for the scam and opened the phishing message, the anti-phishing module should prevent you from filling in the form with your sensitive information (credit card number, expiration date, CVV, or PIN number, among others).
    4. Last, but not least, setting up two-factor authentication for the accounts that support it ensures that, even if somebody gets your login credentials, they couldn’t log in without a secondary password sent by the service on your mobile device or token.

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