Has Anyone Else Encountered Xg4ken.com?

Camille Stein
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I'm getting near the end of my tether and hope that someone can indulge me with an answer.

A few weeks ago I suddenly had a problem accessing my Etsy account via duckduckgo on my desktop (Windows). When I logged in I kept getting a 429 error. Then one day I actually watched what was going on when I tried logging in.

  1. The duckduckgo address suddenly went to bing.com.
  2. Then the address quickly changed to 5203.xg4ken.com.
  3. Then the Etsy site gave me a 429 message, the most recent being

429 Too Many Requests

Reference: nicki_EuNSf3syIVmi-HGry4PGUUgoXl05119BEUw3v

I hadn't installed any new software before that.

Yesterday evening I tried logging into Etsy and got right in! I couldn't believe my good fortune. However, the problem returned today. I looked up how to delete xg4ken.com. I didn't find anything in my registry. I downloaded a trial subscription of a program that said that it could get rid of xg4ken.com. I had no luck so I tried another, and still no luck.

I have no problem accessing Etsy on my Android but I prefer using my PC.

Thanks for reading this.


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    It seems like there might be harmful software on your computer redirecting your internet traffic to a risky website, possibly trying to steal your Etsy login details. The good news is that your Etsy account itself is likely fine since you can access it on your Android phone.

    To fix this issue, you can:

    1) Run a thorough scan with Bitdefender.

    2) Uninstall any recently added software or browser add-ons. If the problem persists, try resetting your browser settings.

    3) Check for DNS hijacking using a DNS lookup tool to make sure your internet traffic isn't being redirected.4) If the problem continues, contact your internet service provider (ISP) for assistance.

    While you're resolving the issue, consider using a different browser to access Etsy or using a virtual private network (VPN) to add an extra layer of protection against the malware.


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