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Problem logging into account - two-factor code requested but 2fa not set up

edited November 2023 in Central & Subscriptions

Having installed Bitdefender Premium Security on a device I've got stuck trying to login to set things up. I'm being asked for a 2fa code which I don't receive.

I've checked my Bitdefender account and I can see (under 2-Factor Authentication) that 2fa it is turned off.

I can also see (under Security events) timed messages of the form "The two-factor authentication code was generated because we detected a suspicious sign in attempt to your account." which were raised at the times I tried to login. There's no other useful information in these messages and no way to state that these attempts are valid.

I've tried to setup 2fa for my account (using email) to see if this would resolve the problem but I don't receive the code sent as part of this process either. I'm not wanting to go down the line of installing and setting up some other form of 2fa at the moment - I just want to be able to get Bitdefender working on my device!

NB: My email is correct.

Any thoughts? All help appreciated.

Best wishes, Stefan

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  • srzientek
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    Hi, Bitdefender support has helpfully resolved this issue for me. I was setting up a number of devices and then logging into them with the VPN running. This caused Bitdefender to challenge me for accessing Bitdefender central from a number of devices/places in short succession. I just need to sort out why I wasn't receiving the codes.

    Best wishes, Stefan


  • Alexandru_BD

    Cheers @srzientek and thanks for following up!

    I'll share the response from Support here as well, as it might prove useful to other users that may encounter this in the future:

    This happens because of a "second" layer of the 2-Factor Authentication which acts differently.

    This mechanism is an automated 2-factor authentication, which is being triggered as soon as a suspicious connection is detected, to minimize or even neutralize potential account exposure.

    In other words, what happens in this case is that we see the account is accessed from a different location and IP address, which is an irregular account activity and request additional info to verify whether the user is actually accessing their account or they're being targeted by malicious actors.

    I'm glad to hear the situation was resolved swiftly. 😉

    Have a good day!

    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user