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Does Bitdefender Premium Security include protection from Viruses


I am wanting to work out if I cancel renewal of my Anti-virus protector for Mac now that I have got Premium Security. I do not want to pay for both if the Premium Security covers this. I cannot find a black and white answer. Sorry also if I have posted this question in the wrong place. I pretty much have no idea and am just trying to secure my computers and phone.🙄

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  • Gjoksi
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    First, let's clarify some things.

    The Bitdefender Premium Security solution includes these programs/services:

    • Bitdefender Total Security (Bitdefender Total Security for Windows, Bitdefender Antivirus for macOS and Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android and iOS)
    • Bitdefender Premium VPN (For Windows, macOS, Android and iOS)
    • Bitdefender Premium Password Manager (For Windows, macOS, Android and iOS) and
    • Bitdefender Premium Priority Support

    Now, all you need to do is to reallocate ALL your devices (including the macOS device with the Bitdefender Antivirus program installed), to the new Bitdefender Premium Security subscription, by following these steps:

    At the end, don't forget to stop the auto-renewal for the old Bitdefender Antivirus for macOS subscription, by following these steps:

    Just follow the steps as described in Method 1, because some users in the past reported that the steps from Method 2 didn't stop the auto-renewal. From my personal experience, Method 1 does the job.

    That's all.



  • Liobet
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    Hi JudieJude,

    Welcome aboard !

    Yes, Bitdefender Premium Security has a protection against virus too !

    Check this site, on the top of the page you have the list of all different formulas. Then, I will not tell you which formula is the best. there are eight different formulas for Home.

    Hem... do you have Windows or Mac ? You say you already subscribed to Bitdefender Premium Security.

    You should deactivate the auto-renewal gimmick for cancel the previous subscription if you buy something else.



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  • Thank you so much! Fantastic - all done! What a wonderful community to be part of. Thank you!

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    You are welcome !

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