Vpn doesn't change location automatically

So, I put the location on automatic and even if I change it manually,

it reverts to UAE, also I have weird conhost under the vpn at startup apps and its repeated is this normal?

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  • Liobet
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    Hi Nz86,

    Welcome aboard !

    Do you have Premium VPN ?

    The main tip is to deinstall and reinstall the VPN software.



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  • Alexandru_BD
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    Hello @Nz86,

    The Windows Console Host, or conhost.exe, is both the server application for all of the Windows Console APIs as well as the classic Windows user interface for working with command-line applications. The complete contents of this binary, both the API server and the UI, historically belonged to Windows csrss.exe, a critical system process, and was diverged for security and isolation purposes. Going forward, conhost.exe will continue to be responsible for API call servicing and translation, but the user-interface components are intended to be delegated through a pseudoconsole to a terminal.

    A quick search on the internet revealed more information on conhost:

    In regard to VPN reverting to UAE server, this could be a bug and you can try to fix it by reinstalling the VPN app. An update has been recently released for Bitdefender VPN on Windows, so check if version can be installed. Otherwise, simply reinstall the available version and check again if the connection stays put.

    Let us know how it goes.



  • Thank you for answering my questions

    I did as Liobet said and reinstalled Bitdefender VPN and it worked.

    I have an idea about what conhost is but my question was why it's repeated.

    I restarted the device and problem solved.

  • Liobet
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    Hi Nz86,

    @Alexandru_BD told you the ins and outs of these special applications.

    Let's say any computer has been a graft of foreign elements from different manufacturers on a original operating system, dealt to be compatible but anything could happen... this is how I have seen computers since its dawn. Fortunately I see less and less BSOD around.

    I am happy to learn the deinstall/reinstall low-key gimmick could work right away!



    AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D 8-Core Processor3.40 GHz 32,0 Go [ Bitdefender Internet Security + VPN] + Galaxy A13 Samsung Android.