Installation error due to slow internet

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The message tells me to "contact support". Is this considered contacting support? If not, how do I do that? I want to fix this issue. My internet is slow, how will I install Bitdefender? I'm frustrated with the lack of support.


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    Hi AmyMaui,

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    Which message? ( well... I am not dedicated to business, just a standard user)

    Did you already install another anti-malware software? Or another Bitdefender software?

    Maybe two tips could be helpful:

    Or this part of the business topic.



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  • Hello @AmyMaui,

    If this error message is received during the Bitdefender installation "Some installation files are corrupted" OR "There was a problem downloading one of the installation files. Please make sure that an Internet connection is available and try again" then It means there was an issue with your Internet connection and the kit wasn't downloaded completely. Click the Retry button from the error message. If this doesn't work, make sure the Bitdefender Agent is installed on the system. If not, download the installer from Central, run it, wait for the error, and close the install process.

    Based on my findings, it appears you have successfully installed Total Security.

    @Liobet the article you have shared refers to a slowdown encountered after the software installation 😅



  • This problem has been solved. Thank you