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Hello.Just bought identity theft protection .I m from Greece but the app want to add only usa origin and usa mobile phone what must i do?


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    Bitdefender Identity Theft Protection is available for USA only.

    Registration requires a valid Social Security Number.

    Since you are from Greece, Bitdefender Identity Theft Protection will be of no use for you.

    Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection is the right product for you:

    You should ask for a refund for Bitdefender Identity Theft Protection, by following the steps from this article:

    You may also obtain a refund by contacting:

    [email protected]

    within 30 days of your initial purchase or of the automatic renewal date.


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    Hello @katarasg and welcome to the Community!

    Considering your location, I think Digital Identity Protection would be a more suitable service to use. Identity Theft Protection is available for US only, as registration requires a valid Social Security Number.

    Bitdefender Identity Theft Protection and Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection are not identical. Although some of their functions overlap, such as Dark Web and Social Media monitoring, they target different things. Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection monitors your digital footprint to prevent data breaches and improve your online privacy. On the other hand, Bitdefender Identity Theft Protection focuses on credit monitoring to help you avoid becoming a credit fraud and identity theft victim.

    Going forward, since you have recently purchased the Ultimate Security pack that includes Identity Theft Protection, I think the best solution would be to refund this subscription and purchase an equivalent package, such as Premium Security + DIP. The Support teams may also suggest other options and perhaps they can convert your current package and sort this out for you.

    To request a refund, you can get in touch with the Bitdefender representatives by choosing one of the contact channels available here:

    Choose from the available contact channels, chat, phone and email/ticket. Chat would be the fastest way to reach them. Alternatively, you may also obtain a refund by contacting [email protected] within 30 days of your initial purchase.

    Let us know how it goes.



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