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Update error


The BD icon that normally appears in my 'hidden icons' and indicates 'you are safe' no longer appears. 'Notification' from my BD menu says...

' Update encountered an error (error code: -1020). Please check your internet connection and try again. If the problem persists please contact support for a resolution'.

I have BD Internet Security with 'Automatic updates' checked. The rest of the dashboard seems to be functioning but am I getting the latest updates? My internet connection is working ok.

I am running Windows 10

Any advice appreciated.


  • Gjoksi


    -- STEP 1 --

    Repair Bitdefender, by following these steps:

    -- STEP 2 --

    If the instructions from Step 1 didn't help, uninstall the Bitdefender program using the Uninstall Tool:


    It will completely remove the program.

    Next, reinstall Bitdefender from your Bitdefender Central account and see if the issue has been solved, as reinstalling the program usually solves the issues.

    -- STEP 3 --

    If the instructions from Step 2 didn't help, follow the instructions in this step.

    First, take screenshot(s) of the issue,

    create a log file on your Windows device using Bitdefender Support Tool, by following these steps:


    create a connectivity log file, by following these steps:

    Next, contact Bitdefender Consumer Support by e-mail:

    with short description of the issue.

    After that, you will get an automated reply by the Bitdefender Customer Care Team, with your ticket number.

    Now, in reply to that automated reply, you can send the screenshot(s) you already took and the log files you already created.

    Since you are all done, just wait for the support engineers to investigate your issue and find a solution to fix the issue.

    Remember that the screenshot(s) and the log files will help a lot to the support engineers for better and faster investigation on your issue and finding a solution.

    NOTE: If any of the log file is larger than 25MB, you can upload the log file here:

    After the upload is done, you will get a notification with the file's URL and then you can share the file's URL with the Bitdefender Consumer Support.


  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @Geosp,

    The error code might have something to do with a temporary issue with your internet connection. Make sure the connection is stable, then try again to update Bitdefender. You could also try to restart the router, then reboot your computer and check if Bitdefender can perform successful updates afterwards. Bitdefender updates as soon as it manages to successfully download the update files. One more thing to try is to connect the PC to another network.

    If the updates are successful on other networks, the issue is with the default network configuration. Try changing the DNS and disabling 3rd party firewall programs.

    If the update errors persist on other networks as well, uninstall and reinstall Bitdefender as suggested by Gjoksi above.

    If Bitdefender still fails to perform updates, contact Bitdefender support.



    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user

  • Gjoksi, Thank you for your detailed reply. Much appreciated.

    On my latest and recent re-boot the 'you are safe' icon has reappeared so hopefully it was just a temporary glitch and will not re-occur. I have bookmarked your solutions and will retain them in case the problem happens again.