Windows Bitdefender Vpn Error Code 9 Cannot Be Solved ?

I tried all the Windows VPN solutions in these link:

Still, error code 9 appeared on my Windows PC.


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    You could contact Bitdefender Consumer Support by chat, telephone or e-mail:

    Chat is the fastest way to get in touch with Bitdefender Consumer Support.

    Select: How to's & Troubleshooting Bitdefender products -> Troubleshooting -> Bitdefender Premium VPN, click on Contact Support in the black box and then click on Chat 24/7.

    NOTE: Bitdefender telephone support is not toll-free!


  • Hi,

    I think the problem is bigger then something general, because I'm having the same issue. Followed literally all the steps mentioned in the Windows VPN solutions link that's also mentioned by @Parimalnakade

    But still the same problem. It's only on Windows, not on android by the look of it, as it's working correctly there. I also tried switching networks / ethernet etc... nothing helps. Always error 9. If somebody else is also having these issues out of a sudden on Windows, please report.

  • Another update,

    Out of a sudden it started working again. Didn't change anything, so probably something on the bitdefender end...

  • Hello,

    We've undergone some maintenance for our VPN servers, but everything should be ok now. In the event the error persists, please do let us know.