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How do I set VPN to MANUAL instead of AUTOMATIC on my WINDOWS 10 PC?

I have a TERRIBLE time sometimes purchasing things when VPN is active. I am disallowed the actions I wish to make when I am on a secure site. I have to play a game with VPN, several times going back between the website I'm purchasing from and then going to Bitdefender to turn off VPN when I'm disallowed to do what I want in order to make a successful transaction! It is very frustrating.

I see a need for VPN when I want to use it, and would rather activate it on an as-needed basis.... BUT...

If it is not possible to set the VPN to manual, I would like to know how to disable it altogether.


  • I need to mention also that I tried DESELECTING the OPEN FROM STARTUP option inside the VPN settings and restarting my computer. When I came back in, the VPN was turned off... but then it automatically turned on a few seconds later. PLEASE, SOMEONE HELP ME!

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    Hi DebWeb,

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    You could deinstall /reinstall Bitdefender Premium VPN,

    if it does not work:



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  • Hello @DebWeb,

    Since I've noticed that you are using the Bitdefender Premium VPN, in the event my comment is still relevant, make sure the Autoconnect feature is disabled for all available scenarios, as follows:

    If you are experiencing connectivity issues on websites that you visit, check this article for possible remediation steps:

    I hope the information is helpful.



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