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wanneer krijg ik antwoord op mijn vraag? de opmerking blijft nog steeds zichtbaar van je gebt nog 4dagen en uw abonnemt verloopt , heb al verschillende keren mijn nieuwe licentie ingegeven graag antwoord aub

met dank


  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @Van Nimmen Georges,

    You have reached the Bitdefender Community. I can see that you have an open ticket with the Support teams and at the same time I've noticed that the activation code you have provided has been successfully redeemed in your Central account. Based on my findings, your new Total Security license is up and running until 2025.

    The previous license is still valid for a couple of days and will run in parallel with the new one until its expiration date. When this happens, the protected devices will be automatically assigned to the new license, but should you wish, you can also reallocate them manually by following the steps from this article:

    Should you require any further assistance, kindly write your comments in English below, and let us know how we can help.

    You may also reply to the Support representatives on the open ticket to request an update. Kindly be advised that the usual response timeframe may vary between 24 to 48 business hours, depending on the workload.



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