VPN on PS5

I don't want to drop Bitdefender so I'm wondering how to install Bitdefender VPN it on my PS5.



  • Hello @Pigcat and welcome to the Community!

    Installing a VPN on your PlayStation is not as straightforward of a process as installing one on your laptop or mobile device because you cannot download the software directly on your PlayStation, but there are other methods for setting up a VPN.

    There are a few options:

    • Connecting your PS5 to your computer that is using a VPN. You can turn on Bitdefender VPN on your PC and then connect your PlayStation to your device using an ethernet cable as a way for your PlayStation to be connected to a VPN too.
    • Setting up a VPN for your PS5 through a mobile hotspot. You can enable Bitdefender VPN on your mobile and then connect your PS5 to it.

    Let us know if this works for you.



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  • I have the same issue. I used the ethernet option, but the PS5 lost internet connection when I turned the VPN on. Is there a setting in the VPN I'm missing that is required to allow the shared connection?

  • Hello @Erethizon,

    Make sure that Internet Connection Sharing is properly configured on your computer. This allows your computer to share its VPN connection with other devices on the network. You can usually find this setting in the network settings of your computer. Then, ensure that your firewall settings are not blocking the VPN connection or the connection sharing feature. Check the DNS settings on your PS5. You may need to manually set the DNS server to the same one used by the VPN connection on your computer.

    Last but not least, sometimes, simply restarting both your computer and PS5 can resolve connectivity issues.

    I hope the information is helpful.



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