Datto EDR flagging libEcNet.so

I am running BitDefender on a Linux Server used for VPN only. I recently installed BitDefender on it as a test case and Datto EDR is flagging /opt/bitdefender-security-tools/var/lib/modules/guster/guster_2/ecnet/libEcNet.so as a malicious file. I downloaded the file and uploaded to VirusTotal and it also flagged it as malicious (VirusTotal - File - a89cca1f45f3ce0d3ef3060b1a2f9b11a84f2952a0d9fe61979feef77ed4c60d)

This is a new install and I do not believe this is a true malicious file, but I have not had much luck finding any additional information on it. Just an FYI, when I downloaded the file onto my Windows machine for upload to VirusTotal, Windows Defender also flagged it as malicious.

Anybody experience a similar issue?