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Why when I want to renew my licence I am sent to buy product instead of entering the activation code


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    Based on my findings, you have already renewed your protection and the new Total Security license is valid until January 2025. If you haven't redeemed the activation code in Central manually, then most likely auto-activation was applied for your account:

    When you make a purchase through the Bitdefender website, the activation takes place immediately after completing the transaction. No further steps or actions are required on your part. Automatic activation is available only for current Bitdefender users who meet the following conditions:

    • You have bought Bitdefender from our website before.
    • You have previously activated a Bitdefender subscription in the same Bitdefender Central account.
    • Your previous Bitdefender subscription is still valid.

    If the new acquisition matches the name and seat number of a product already active in your Central account (e.g. both Bitdefender Total Security, 5 users) then the old subscription will be extended automatically. Otherwise, the new subscription is activated and added in parallel.

    Since your previous Total Security license could protect up to 5 devices and the new one can protect up to 10, the previous license could not be extended and the new one was activated in parallel. The old license will expire tomorrow and the protected devices will be automatically reallocated to the new license (the Central account can accommodate multiple licenses).

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