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Please issue Bitdefender for Linux home users


Please Bitdefender Home User team, please re-issue a Bitdefender AV for Linux home users.

I have been working with several people this past year (12/2023), installing and fine tuning Linux (Ubuntu, Mint, Zorin). (These are folks who previously used Windows and/or Macs.) And the only AV product for home user, which I've found and is still alive, and is NOT a Command line terminal scanner product, is ClamAV & Clam-TK. (TK being the UI 'version').

Other products are either on-demand CLI scanners or are for business enterprise corporate 'Endpoint' situations. (As ESET, Kaspersky, Sophos, Mcafee, Avast, AVG, TrendMicro, etc.)

I would love to have a Bitdefender for Linux home users. I've used and trusted Bitdefender for Windows PCs for years (decades). It would not even have to be free AV, just reasonably priced for the home user (& not a business end-point product).

Thank you.

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