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VPN and SafePay issues.


I have the issue of BitDefender VPN not connecting in SafePay. I have VPN set to start with windows and it's set to connect when SafePay starts. I am using a fresh install of BitDefender for Netgear as of 1/23/2024 and it's still not connecting in SafePay. The build is I was on version 26 when it started. The VPN version is This happens on 2 different computers, one is Windows 10, the other is Windows 11. I have run manual updates and VPN continues to show as disconnected in SafePay.


  • sfs

    I am having the same problem with latest VPN It was marginal before but now I cannot get the VPN to enable in Safepay at all. Since this is the majority of my VPN usage it is making this investment worthless. Please fix ASAP!