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How to download Invoice


I want to view my purchase history and load invoices. But when I followed the manual I received, I couldn't find the specified topic.

Download & print Invoices in 2Checkout : No email was sent as notified.

Download & print Invoices in Bitdefender Central : No topic My payment


  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @katancharee and welcome to the community.

    So, you haven't received the invoice following your Bitdefender purchase? I was unable to locate a recent order using the email address registered on this forum. Perhaps you've used a different email address? (please don't share it here, since this is a public forum). Did you place the order on the Bitdefender website, or someplace else?

    If you've recently purchased a Bitdefender subscription from the website, follow the steps below to track and view your order:

    Here's more information on 2Checkout, the payment processor of products and services sold on the official Bitdefender website:

    The details displayed under the "My Payments" tab may take up to 24hrs to update following a purchase and the information is available in Central only for subscriptions ordered from the official Bitdefender website through the 2Checkout vendor.

    One last question, did you receive the activation code? If you've made a purchase and haven't received the code, nor the confirmation email, double check if the email address was correctly entered during the purchase and check your spam/junk folders as well.

    Let us know how it goes.



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