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Are there any official authorized resellers of Bitdefender home products in China?

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I have come across a store on the Chinese online shopping platform Taobao with the name containing "比特梵德Bitdefender杀毒软件正品店" and it appears that this store is selling Bitdefender's home products.

But this seems quite suspicious

Because, since 2013, Bitdefender's home products have ceased to provide Simplified Chinese versions after losing the original distributor. Additionally, the update servers encountering blockage in China.

Moreover, the Bitdefender licenses sold by this store are surprisingly versions from Amazon India And the price is nearly four times:

And this store's promotional images have plagiarized the personal works of a localization enthusiast from a certain forum (After confirming with the Chinese-simplified translation enthusiast, this is an unauthorized theft):

Is this store recognized as an official Bitdefender authorized distributor? If not, should Bitdefender officially complain to Taobao or the relevant Chinese authorities about this store?


  • Gjoksi
    edited January 26


    Official Bitdefender partner in China:

    Official Bitdefender partner's website in China/Chinese:

    Also, i do not recommend that you buy the products from Alibaba, AliExpress or other sources that are not directly affiliated with Bitdefender. You will be sold the products cheaper, but you have no assurance that these products correspond to the local description. In our experience, it can sometimes happen that the licenses are not valid or have the correct maturity. Such licenses might have been initially designed for a specific market and may not allow activation in your area.

    I advise you to buy the Bitdefender only from trusted sources.

    There are various offers available at retail stores on marketplaces, but please take into consideration not all of them are affiliated with Bitdefender and I strongly recommend the purchase of Bitdefender products only from trusted sources and partners. This can make a big difference, because if the product is purchased from a doubtful source, it may not function properly, the activation code may not have the advertised validity and in some cases Bitdefender is unable to provide support.


  • Nexus650

    Judging from your reply, I know that you do not recognize the store I exposed on the first floor as your official partner.but because this store is more active than your official website in China (at least it won’t be like your official website in China where the home version of the product is still stuck in the old version from a year ago),and brazenly misappropriating your brand. So this store is widely mistaken for being an official Bitdefender partner,Don't you think something needs to be done to protect your reputation?

    Additionally. . . .You're overthinking it; I will never purchase your family edition product,because your China partners have zero efforts in localization work,update failures and no language support already mean that you are not suitable for use in China,but your pricing in China is almost the highest in the world,I have never purchased your antivirus software since 2017, although I purchased it twice before that.

  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @Nexus650, is the only authorized Bitdefender reseller in China.

    As Bitdefender’s influence in the cyber-security industry grows, there are more scammers pretending to be Bitdefender resellers or even tech support. It's a reality we live in and this happens with other brands as well. Of course, Bitdefender does make considerable efforts to fight against the unauthorized sale of its products and has implemented various security masures and restrictions with the purpose to deter unfair usage and unauthorized resale of license slots.

    Don't you think something needs to be done to protect your reputation? - There are dedicated teams in charge of this task, but this is not a challenge-free process. Sometimes you may take down a site that sells your products without authorization, only to find out that the next day the respective entity has created a new domain to sell, and so on. These sites appear like mushrooms after the rain and it's a cumbersome task to eliminate them on a global scale.

    So, I think the brand must focus on monitoring more popular marketplaces where individual shady sellers may pop up from time to time, because these reputable platforms have certain regulations in effect, that facilitate the identification and elimination of unauthorized resellers. I think chasing down a random website in China may not change anything. As a company, you need to find a smarter way to counter these practices, otherwise they become time consuming and may block a lot of your resources.

    There are other methods in place to deal with this. For instance, activation codes are geographically restricted to the country where they were designed to be sold and used, so if someone purchases a license with the intention of reselling it in another country, the activation will fail and the code will become useless.

    There is also a limit on how many autologins you can do in a certain period of time, and you can only autologin from the country where the Central account was created. This prevents the unauthorized resale of license slots.

    In conclusion, I support what Gjoksi said, buy the Bitdefender only from trusted sources. Buying an antivirus from a doubtful source just because it's cheaper may turn into a nightmare. My advice is to spend a little extra, but have peace of mind. The Bitdefender solutions available online and in the Partner network come with free Support included, whenever you need it and that's worth it.



    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user