Why are the Same Category of Videos presented by YouTube Upon a Change of VPN Address

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the same category of videos per prior viewing are presented to me on YouTube no matter the subsequent VPN address . i do not understand how this can be . i assumed my past history w/ YouTube can not influence its selections upon a change of the VPN address . either the VPN is mal-functioning or i do not understand its function and purpose . kindly advise .

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    Hello @BernardIE5317,

    If you are referring to the YouTube algorithm and the Bitdefender VPN, the recommended videos will likely not change when using a VPN connection. Recommended videos from YouTube are based on the viewing history and the VPN does not influence the behavior. It has nothing to do with the browser, it's about the YouTube account that is not affected by the VPN. A VPN can help you bypass YouTube's restrictions, giving you access to otherwise blocked content.

    Before using the VPN, you are probably signed in, and when you sign in you give the server your location address and history. Even if you don't give your address to YouTube, you probably allowed access for Google, and now since you are signed in… YouTube knows your country.

    Now, if suddenly you connect a VPN, and use the YouTube app, you are still going to be signed in, and it becomes obvious that you cannot switch countries instantly. You have to clear chache and YouTube data before opening the app, in order to make use of the VPN, or else the same feed is going to show up.

    If I misunderstood your question, kindly let me know.



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